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Here Is How To Use The Arm Blaster For Massive Bicep Gains (Video Below)

Arm Blaster

So you really want big arms and you have been training hard and using a variety of bicep exercises to no avail. You eat all the foods you need to eat and take all the supplements that promise massive gains. However after all that you still have thin arms. You are desperate and want an answer to the question “how can I build big biceps”

Well I this article I will show you why these exercises don’t work. First you are not targeting the muscle. You need to use strict form and second you are not getting enough rest. You are overtrained

To handle the overtraining part. Make sure you do not train your biceps more than once a week. And take a week of from your training if you have not made any gains

The strict form component can be handled by using an arm blaster. An arm blaster is a harness that you slide over your neck and those hands over your shoulders. It primarily prevents your arms from moving and puts the elbows firmly in place. It simply isolates the biceps and will force your biceps to work harder arms in position s you curl. It prevents excessive swinging and allows all the stimulation to be place don the bicep muscles. More isolation usually means more intensity and the higher the intensity the higher the potential growth in your arms

Here is how to use the arm blaster

We will use the standing dumbbell curls as the bicep exercise we will use with the arm blaster. So grab a pair of medium to heavy dumbbells. The weight should be heavy enough to give you 10-12 repetitions. The 12th repetition being next to impossible to perform. . Take an under hand grip on the bar, with hands shoulder width apart. The bar should be hanging at thigh level. Your elbows should be implanted into the blaster now start to curl the weight up. When you get to the top squeeze your arms for a count of four and then lower it to thigh level again and repeat.
Keep your form strict and make the best use of the arm-blaster.See The Video Below-on how to use the arm blaster

You really need only three sets of this exercise. Thanks to the way the blaster isolates the bicep muscles. You are really giving them a harder workout. This means they need less of it to grow. Never train your arms more than twice a week. Once a week is best!

Never use more than three exercises for your biceps as well. Anything more than this and you will be overtraining

The arm blaster is inexpensive and should be part of any serious bodybuilders gear.

If you don’t have an arm blaster you can perform against the wall bicep curls. Where you supplant your biceps against a wall and use the strictest of forms. Putting your back against a wall prevents you from cheating and really isolates the bicep muscles
It is a good alternative if a arm blaster is unavailable

Below you will see how to work your biceps intensely with a pair of dumbbells

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