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Build Big Teen Biceps

Teen Biceps

Everybody talks about shocking Teen Biceps into building big arms, but I'll place odds that 99 out of 100 guys have no idea what it really takes. They parrot popular theories about what constitutes a biceps shock but, no matter how many criteria they list, it won't be enough. Teen Biceps are the most stubborn body part of your physique. Overlook just one of the requirements for a potent shock, and your Teen Biceps will lie there as if you never touched them.

Why are Teen Biceps the only muscle that gets these great shock training workouts written about them when you are at building big arms. Possibly because everyone over trains his or her biceps as it is? Well, I'm not going to ramble on about over training the Teen Biceps just yet, as I'm sure Flex will give me plenty of reasons to do that.

I have built my career on my own teen biceps research: experimenting with every conceivable training technique and charting and comparing results in an effort to determine, conclusively, what best makes biceps grow. Now I know, but I'm sorry to inform you that it's not as simple as I'd hoped. I can't boil it down to anything less than 10 commandments of teen biceps training. To integrate all of them takes concentration, but if you have the fortitude to bear with me on this, you will be building big arms and ascend to the ranks of those blessed with the best biceps they are capable of attaining.

• Volume: Almost no one trains with enough sets.

• Supersets: No exercise technique activates more muscle fibers or pumps more blood into the muscle group than do supersets.

• Failure: Pyramid your sets, but take each one to failure, regardless of the amount of weight you're using or the reps you're getting.

• Disorder: Every workout should begin with barbell curls.

• Biceps with triceps: Do not train biceps with any other body part except triceps.

• Dumbbell Curls: What qualifies dumbbell curls as ideal for a biceps shock is that they are usually alternated allowing each arm more recuperation time.

• Preacher Curls: Always include preacher curls of some sort in every biceps workout.

• Barbell Curls: No biceps mass-building program should be without them.

• Control: To get the most out of any biceps curl, keep the movement tight during the extension, slowing the pace the lower you go.

Teen Biceps

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