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Men With Big Arms

Why biceps Peak

Why most fail before getting to their biceps Peak

The one thing I want to eliminate from your mind at the beginning of this article is to blame your body fat percentage on getting to your peak. Some men with big arms start Peak week at 14% body fat and think that by doing one neat, new little trick that they read about. This article is for people who know how to dial in on contest shape and now want to know exactly what to do in order to say that they finally achieved their peak.

First of all, let's begin with how you should plan to enter peak week. If you still have to be concerned with losing the last couple pounds in the week before the show, you won't be able to peak properly. Peak week for men with big arms should be thought of as recovering slightly, being fresh, and focusing just on making sure the muscles is full and hard yet visible because of proper subcutaneous water elimination. Fat elimination should be over before you enter peak week.

How to Properly Peak:

Some men with big arms have unbelievably fast metabolisms and some people are very carb-sensitive. These are two extreme differences which dictate different amounts of each nutrient variable and a slightly different schedule. But, the actual flow and cycle is still very similar. It is important to know and understand what to expect on each day of the peak week so you know how to adjust.

My general carb cycle for peak week is to start at the highest point on the weekend before. I start at a slightly above normal level on Saturday and Sunday and schedule no training. I want this weekend to be a recovery time with a refilling of glycogen. During the peak week, training starts again on Monday, I slowly reduce carbs each day. It's a subtle drop, not a severe depletion.

Men With Big Arms

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