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Big Bodybuilders In A Biceps Gallery

All the stars of the biceps gallery, all the big guns so to speak, seem to be in general agreement that biceps should be worked no more than twice per week and no less than once per week for maximum muscle mass gains. Your frequency depends on the split routine you're using. For most programs, experts recommend a three or four day split with a 2 on 1 off schedule.

For those who want big muscles mass in their arms chest, etc., there is the multi grip tri-set routine, which strength coach Charles Poliquin (one of those big guns of the biceps gallery) fine tuned the technique of and brought back into popularity recently in his prolific writings including, "Winning the Arms Race." (Poliquin refers to this technique as the multi pathway routine). Select three exercises, each with a different grip: pronated (palms down), neutral (palms face each other) and supinated (palms up). Generally, the weakest grip is trained first and the strongest last, but the order of the exercises may be changed for variety and balanced development. Staying with the same sequence for the duration of each training cycle, however is recommended.

Among the stars of the biceps gallery, are those authors and writers who are either bodybuilders themselves or just able to offer the best guidance. Another technique to gain big muscles mass in arms chest, etc., has been popularized by Robert Kennedy of Muscle Mag International, i.e. the pre-exhaust routine. Pre-exhaustion supersets are performed by selecting an isolation exercise and following it with a compound exercise, with no rest in between the two. In the case of biceps, the natural choice for the compound exercise is the close grip chin up. Your volume can range from three to five sets, depending on your split routine and experience level.

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