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Madonna's Biceps-How She Builds Her sexy toned arms

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Madonna's biceps is one of the most talked about. Pop star Madonna has a well built biceps. Many others like Madonna Berardi are well known for their female biceps. Developing female biceps is very easy. All you have to do is just work hard. Female biceps can be effectively built through split training.

Dedicate a day for each muscle, because each muscle needs sufficient time to recover from the battering it received during workouts. The biceps are one of the fastest recovering muscles. It takes only 48 hours to recuperate from workouts. Female muscles are densely packed, and hence are more efficient than men's. It can generate more force and strength than males, though it may not grow to the volume of men's size. Design a workout program to develop female muscles like those of Madonna's biceps.

Madonna's biceps are not very highly built as that of the men's, but it is highly prominent and noticeable. Female muscles need not be highly voluminous, but should have shape, strength and size to some extent. The only way to develop female muscles is through weight training till failure. The muscles need to be mauled flat to trigger muscle growth. Generally, 10 to 15 reps and 2 to 3 working sets of a particular exercise is ideal for most women, which can increase or decrease depending on your fitness level and goals in bodybuilding. Workouts need to be supported with proper diet and supplements. A protein supplement is always good for the muscles as the building blocks of the muscle are proteins. Females also need supplement of creatine. Creatine Titrate Crystal would ideal as it is fortified with Calcium and Folic Acid. Supplements should be consumed in right measure if necessary to develop muscles like those of Madonna's biceps.

Madonna's Biceps

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