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Torn Biceps Tendon- prevent your arm muscles from injury

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Torn biceps tendon is common in bodybuilding. But it can be avoided by following proper workout procedures and taking adequate precautions. Do not get taken away by the saying "no pain, no gain" and work too hard and damage the muscles beyond recovery. To trigger muscle growth, some sort of damage has to be inflicted on the muscles, through weight training. But the damage generated must be within the limits from where the muscles can recuperate and increase muscle mass. Over-straining beyond that will lead to cases like torn biceps tendon.

Talking of torn biceps tendon, it would be pertinent to understand the types of injuries. Common injuries that happen during weight training are Tendonitis, Strain, Sprain, Bursitis, Avulsion, Contusion and Fracture. Of these, Avulsion is the total tear of the muscle, typically along the junction between the muscle and its tendon. Weight lifting for your arms should not focus on taking up heavy weights at the first instance itself. Such measures will only lead to injuries. Before starting the weight training, perform adequate warm ups on the treadmill. Performing 15 to 20 reps of the exercise you are about to do with lighter weights will help you avoid injuries like torn biceps tendon.

Torn biceps tendon can also occur when the arms are not properly stretched before weight lifting for your arms. To stretch the arms, take the joint to the end of its complete range of motion and hold the arm for 30 to 60 seconds. Hold the arm stretched and do not bounce, as bouncing can cause injuries if the muscles are not properly warmed up or not properly stretched. When working the arms, focus and feel the muscle performing to its optimum to avoid injuries like torn biceps tendon.

Torn Biceps Tendon

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