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Drop Sets A Fantastic Way To Increase Bicep Growth


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A lot of times when it comes to bodybuilding we tend to get stuck in a rut. We reach a point where we just can't seem to grow bigger or better. We try to change exercises but that doesn’t work. So we get frustrated. It feels like your running on a treadmill and getting no where fast. Every one of us bodybuilders and health enthusiasts have gone through this, especially when it comes to biceps. They just tend to stop growing and no matter what we do we can't get any bicep growth. Well when that happens I know a sure fired way to really burn through that wall and get your bicep growing.

Sometimes it's not about bicep exercises or about bicep workouts sometimes it's all bout methods. How to train the biceps.
For a muscle to grow especially one that has become stubborn you need to shock it into growth. You need to burn it into life and the best way to do that is by burning them with straight old fashioned drop sets.

The drop set is a fantastic weapon and can be an excellent boost to your bicep growth.
So what is a drop set?
A drop set is when you pick a certain weight and once you cannot lift that weight anymore you set it down and immediately grab weights lighter than the original and continue to stroke out reps until you cannot do any more with that then drop once more etc … this will truly burn your biceps into submission and into growth. You can use it with any exercise. Any bicep curl. Be it dumbbell or barbell or even machine. It doesn’t matter. The point is to take your biceps beyond its limit and burn it into growth

Here are some pointers to keep in mind for optimal bicep growth when it comes to drop sets.
Starts with a weight that will cause you to fail at 8 reps. you want to build big thick biceps so you need to go a bit heavy. Once you reach your 8th rep and cannot lift any more then drop weights.
I suggest you drop 15 to 20 percent of your original weight. So if you where curling 20lbs you should drop to 15lbs. then try and pound out as much reps as possible till you biceps cannot bare it anymore than drop another 15 to 20 percent. Keep doing this till there is nothing on the bar. That is a drop set.

Another smart thing to do for optimal bicep growth especially if your bicep have stopped growing is to perform a drop set at the end of each bicep exercise.
So let's say you are performing Barbell curls do three sets for example for 8, 12, and 12 reps going to failure on each one. Not past failure but just at the door. Then follow that with a fourth set only this time perform a drop set this will truly burn your biceps. Then move on to the next move and do the same.

If your biceps are being stubborn this method is sure to convince them to grow. Try this method and enjoy your new arms




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