best exercise for biceps

By Far The Best Exercise For Biceps That Will Allow You To Pack On Inches On Your Arms Is The Preacher Curl


Best exercise for biceps

The best exercise for biceps has to be the preacher curl. Nothing can force your biceps into growth and swell them to the top with lactic acid more than the preacher curl. Why is this?

Well because when performing the preacher curls your shoulder and back and almost everything else is immobilized. Everything else is held on neutral except the biceps.
Because it focuses on the bicep. Most other bicep move involves the front delt or the back gets into it but on the preacher curl you bicep lay prone and they alone have to carry the pressure.
This way if you do lift heavy weights on the preacher curl you are sure that it is your bicep that is carrying it not your back not your shoulders but your biceps. That is why it is the best exercise for biceps

Another advantage to the preacher curl is that because the bench is preached under your armpit it allows you to lower the bar with more control to full extension, usually when doing for instance standing curls it is very difficult to reverse the movement to perfection because due to gravity and the fact that there is nothing supporting your elbows or shoulders your arms kind of drop and even you do bring it down slow it is not always the perfect form. On the preacher curl because your shoulder is locked it is easier to bring it down with proper form. Meaning when you bring heavy weights all the way down you put a lot of stress on your biceps forcing them to explode into growth and that is another reason why the preacher curl is the best exercise for biceps.

So when it comes to muscles like biceps it's all about being on point. Doing preacher curl that looks like a weird power cleans is not the right way to hit biceps. Muscles like biceps need to be isolated. Need to be hit hard and to be hit right on point. Moves like the preacher curl do just that because they allow you to concentrate on your biceps while adding heavy weights to them. And not only on the positive end meaning when you curl the bar up but also put optimal pressure on the negative end when you bring the bar back down. Indeed the preacher curl is best exercise for biceps.

Try to add the preacher curl to your workout. Make it a core movement in your bicep routine and it will be sure to give you dividends.




Best exercise for biceps

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