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Build Your Biceps Brachii Muscle

the biceps brachii muscle is an important muscle in the arm. The arm consists of three big muscles known as the biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis. The most important muscle of the upper arm is the biceps brachii. It is this muscle that makes the big bulge when you bend your arm. The biceps has two heads, which is why the name 'bi' meaning two and 'ceps' meaning head. The biceps brachii muscle is involved in flexion of the elbow as well as supination of the forearm. One muscle which is very often worked during workouts is the biceps brachii muscle.

Biceps brachii muscle is a powerful elbow flexor when the radioulnar joint is supinated especially in the palms up position. The biceps brachii muscle is a great forearm supinator when the elbow joint is flexed. The brachioradialis and brachialis become more active, when the forearm is neutral or pronated i.e. in the palms down position. The portion of the biceps that is being worked at the moment is determined by the position of the forearm.

Just by varying the position of the arm, you can perform a lot of variation even with the Dumbbells to effectively work all the portions of your biceps. Dumbbells are highly effective in building big muscles in your arms. The most effective Dumbbell workouts are the Dumbbell Biceps Curl, Dumbbell Hammer Curls and Dumbbell Concentration Curls. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps each. For placing optimum stress on the muscles, isomterically contract the muscles at the end of the concentric contraction and hold for a second to effectively develop the biceps brachii muscle.

Biceps Brachii Muscle

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