bicep exercises

Biceps Exercises

Bicep exercises

If you are looking for biceps exercises that work then you're in luck. Below I will explain two biceps exercises that you can include into your workout to add inches on your arm

The first of the biceps exercises is the Standing Barbell Curls

Main muscle targeted: Biceps
Equipment: Barbell
Getting prepared: Stand straight with head facing forward. Bend your knees slightly, and Grip the barbell with a shoulder width grip with the palms of your hands facing forward.
To execute: Breath to prepare for movement and lift the barbell from your thighs till they reach under your chin or to full contraction. Always keep your elbows tucked in. now lower the barbell slowly to starting position
Tips: make sure to curl up with both hands. Do not tip one way or the other

The second of the biceps exercises is the Incline Dumbbell curls

Main muscle targeted: Biceps
Equipment: Dumbbells
Getting prepared: with a dumbbell in each hand. Sit on an inclined bench and lay flat on it. Allow the dumbbells to be hanging to your sides with your palms facing forward.
To execute: now curl the dumbbells all the way till they are level with your shoulder, hold the contraction and squeeze for a one count. Now reverse the movement and bring the weights down slowly
Tips: if you want to utilize all the benefits out of this exercise then make sure you don’t swing your arms

If you really want to gain most benefit from our biceps. Try and hit them twice a week. The biceps are a small muscle and can recover rather quickly to try and vary the exercises and work hard. Also make sure to keep form and never perform any exercise randomly. You're aiming to tire the targeted muscle.

Here is a sample bicep workout

Standing Barbell Curls - 4 sets 8,10,10,12
Incline Dumbbell Curls - 4 sets 10,10,12,12
Dumbbell Hammer Curl - 4 sets

Bicep exercises

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