Biceps Injury

How To Prevent Them-Big Biceps Injury

Biceps injury is common among those who do not follow proper training patterns. How to build your arms with muscle that is big as well as strong without sustaining injuries? The body has its own limitations, which should be considered in designing your exercise regimen.

The intensity of the exercises has to be built up step by step and should not aim to achieve results overnight. Emphasis should be laid on adequate warm up. Use very light weight and perform 15 to 20 reps of the exercise you are about to perform. 5 to 10 minutes on the treadmill before actually starting the exercise will be helpful in preventing biceps injury.

Biceps injury occurs when procedures are flouted. How to build your arms with muscle that steers clear of biceps injury? Biceps injury can be prevented by sticking to certain regulations while exercising the biceps. The first cardinal rule is to stand erect while exercising the biceps. It is not prudent to lean back and heave the weight, as the biceps will not be properly worked due to the involvement of too much of momentum. Keep the elbows close to your sides and do not lift the elbows. Most importantly keep your mind focused on what you are doing to prevent biceps injury.

Biceps injury can also occur due to improper wrist position. When the wrist is bent backwards, the emphasis is shifted onto the forearms. On the curl, the hand must be directly brought to the shoulder. Even a slight variation will reduce the stress on the biceps. Use weights which allow you to perform 6-10 full reps and contract the muscles to its fullest to work the biceps to its optimum. Such measures will help to build great biceps and also prevent biceps injury.

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