Bicep crush


Crush your biceps with this insane bicep workout

Bicep crush

If you want the best biceps you need to have the best training. And the best training when it comes to bodybuilding is the one that offers the most stimulation to your muscles. If your not shocking your muscle and if your not overloading it to the point where it is forced to breakdown then you are simply not growing and infact you are just wasting your time in the gym. Don’t expect your biceps to grow if you ae putting in half effort. If you want to grow you must crush your biceps every single time you hit the gym .other wise your not growing as big as you actually could. And if your not growing to your maximum potential then once again you are wasting time

Below you will find a workout that is meant to torture your biceps into submission. You will find that it is extrmeemly unorthodoxed but that’s what it takes when it comes to building big biceps. like I said earlier you msut crush them if you really want them to grow.

It is well known that if you perform weights that allow you to go to around 6 reps or below then you are mainly training for strength. And if you are using weights that take you from the 8th till 12th rep then you are training for mass . and if you are using weights that allow you to go to the 15th to 20th rep then you are training for muscle endurance and definition. All these types of rpe reanges where set to take your body by surprise to "crush" them in their own way to insure your growth. Now if your are only using one method for your biceps then you are not growing at full potential. You should be mixing it up as much as you can.

The reason I have said what I have said above is becaue the routine you will be doing wil have a combination of all of these rep schemes. Sometimes in the same move. It is a bit un uisually I addmitt but its just the thing you need to catch your biceps of guard and crush them into new growth. Have faith in the program and make sure you work as hard as you possible can. That’s all you really have to . then watch your biceps grow into fantastic proportions.

Standing barbell curl 4 sets 6,8,8,10
Close grip barbell preacher curls 4 sets 8,10,15,20
Standing alaternating dumbbell curls 4 sets 20,20,15,15
Inclined dumbbell curls 4 sets 8,10,10,10

So there you have. This is the bicep workouit that is sure to bust some growth into your biceps. you can see how un ordthodoxed it is. As the rep ranges keep flaring but you will soon find out the toll it takes on your biceps.

The unepxexted rep ranges will shock your muscles and are sure to crush them into new growth. The pain will be immense but that’s the bodies way of telling you that it is working

Be sure to fail and the desgined rep ranges. If you are going beyond them. Then you are going to light. If you are failing just short of them then you are going to heavy. Make sure to pick up the right weight. Plus rest 1:30 in between sets and 2 minutes in between moves. Move fast and move strong and watch your biceps transform with this bicep crush of a workout




Bicep crush

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