Get arnold biceps

Do You Want Arnold's Biceps? With A Few Tips You Could Be Well On Your Way


Get arnold biceps

There are few recognizable faces in bodybuilding as famous as Arnold Schwarzenegger and even fewer biceps as famous as Arnold's biceps. His guns are some of the most famous ever. The camera did very well to expose them in moves such as terminator or He-Man. Now am sure if you are reading this it means you would like to have big arms. Especially big biceps just like Arnold's biceps. The truth is you're not to far away.

You see there is more to developing big biceps then working them a lot. I have seen people who do biceps 4 times a week thinking that this is the proper way to build big biceps. But this is actually a method that will leave you the other way. This is the road to over training and thinner small and less full biceps.

Some other people do 5 or 6 moves just for biceps. That also is not the way to increase your bicep size or fullness and it's differently not the way to grow biceps like Arnolds biceps. This also will lead to over training and less full biceps.

Here is why? You see bicep is a secondary muscle to a lot of other muscles. Meaning it puts in work alongside other big muscles. Mainly the back muscle. The biceps are a main secondary muscle when it comes to back and they are put under a lot of stress already.

So what this means is that indirectly your biceps already get a good strong workout when you do back. So the key to gaining big biceps like Arnolds biceps is to directly and indirectly train your biceps.

This is how you do it.
Perform back followed directly by biceps. No of course it's just that, if you are already not doing the following moves you should start incorporating them in your bicep workout.
Barbell Rows, Chin ups, Heavy Seated Rows, Reverse Grip pull ups or pull downs,

What you must do is incorporate these moves in your back workouts .not necessarily all of them but two or more. These moves heavily incorporate your biceps muscle not to mention work your back. This way you can have a full back workout as well as hitting the biceps. Then after your back workout hit the biceps directly with 2 to maximum 3 moves to finish your biceps off

This is how you can get Arnolds biceps. This is a necessary shock that will help boost your biceps and give you legendary biceps just like Arnolds. You should do this workout twice a week and no more. Twice a week with minimum two days rest in between so as to give your biceps time to recover and grow.



Get Arnold Biceps

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