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muscular bicep

Extreme Workout For Muscular Bicep

Muscular bicep

The person with the best muscular bicep is usually the person who takes himself to the limit using explosive training. The person who keeps his body guessing is most likely the person with the best body in your gym.

That’s how the body works. It only reacts and it only grows when taking by surprise. Anything else it will just get used to it and shrug it off like it doesn’t even exist so that’s not the road to getting muscular. So what I am trying to say is that the normal 4 sets of 8 reps for biceps will only take you so far. I doubt anyone has every got 18 inch arms just doing 4 sets of 8 reps over and over and over again. It's just not going to happen. I don’t care how genetically gifted you are there is a limit to which you can grow on that kind of bases

To get extremely muscular biceps you need extreme change. You need something you have never done before. Something that can rock your biceps. For such a something you need an extreme routine and I have that for you. This routine is so intense that getting through it is going to be a challenge. Use this routine every time you feel you are getting stuck in the mud or have hit a plateau. Use it for 2 weeks then switch back to your regular routine. This will make sure that you always keep things fresh and that you're on the way to a solidly muscular bicep

Muscular bicep extreme routine

Standing barbell curls 3 sets rest pause
After warming up thoroughly start with a rest pause. What is a rest pause? It is when you take a weight that allows you to fail at the 8th rep. stop short of that rest for 15 seconds then pick up the same weights and keep repping. Keep doing this till you cannot lift in decent form. That would be one set. Do that three times for your first move. As you can see this muscular bicep extreme routine needs an extreme beginning
Alternating dumbbell curl 3 sets 8, 10, 10
This is a regular move but make sure to put in the effort. Do not fail at reps higher than the ones I have prescribed. If you are the weights you are using are to low. Go heavier
Barbell preacher curl 3 sets drop set
A drop set is when you use a certain weight that allows you to fail in this case at 10 reps when you reach that rep range. Remove some of the weights directly and continue performing reps till you fail once more. When that happens removes the weights again and continues. Keep doing that until there is no more weights on your barbell or till you cannot lift any longer. That is one set perform that 3 times. This is another extreme method to help you get that muscular bicep that you won't
Hammer axe curls 3 sets 10, 10, 10
Hammer dumbbell curl 3 sets 15, 15, 15
This superset is the finisher. Perform them back to back. Set by set. Meaning do a set of hammer axe curls then directly perform a set of hammer dumbbell curls. That is one set

So there you have an extreme biceps workout sure to give you muscular biceps that you desire as well as take them to their full growth potential. This will make sure things always seem fresh and make sure your biceps are always growing. Make sure to train as hard as you can and warm up properly

Muscular bicep

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