biceps muscle

Hitting The Biceps Muscle Hard

Biceps muscle

When it comes to the body, there is nothing men love more than their biceps muscle. It's too visually appealing. If you wearing t-shirts or tight top or even tank tops it's your biceps muscle that makes your body look appealing. Plus there is no doubt the women love it. Another reason why men love it.

There are different ways to attack your biceps muscle. The most known is the bicep curl. Bicep curls involve curling a barbell with both your arms. This is done standing or even seated (on a preacher curl) or it can be done with one arm at a time. These movements are called isolation exercise. What this means is that they hit the biceps muscle and not much more. There exist variations to the way one can perform curls.
One of the variations is using limited range of motion. The reason is heavier weights. Some believe that using heavier weights and curling half way is more beneficial and will encourage more growth. This is due to the heavier weights. This argument is very valid but it is not the only treasure chest out there.

Another way is to attack the biceps muscle is to go lighter and perform more reps. this can be done traditionally. Meaning just using a light weight and curling to failure. You can do drop sets. Where as you perform a set of curls with a fairly heavy weights and upon reaching failure, drop the weights and pick up lighter ones then continuing, then once more again. This is done to truly take the muscle to exhaustion and this is said to spur serious growth. This is also a reasonable theory

So which way is better. Going heavy for less reps or light for more reps? Well the reality is that there both good. And if you really want arms you can be proud of arms that you can show off any time. You need to mix and match and do a both. This is only guaranteed way to grow a big biceps muscle

Biceps muscle

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