Bicep peak

Take Your Bicep To Their Peak With Hard Hitting Drop Sets


Bicep peak

Before I begin anything let me define drop sets.
A drop set is when you choose a certain weight perform a certain number of reps until you almost reach failure. Then stopping choosing weights that are lighter than the initial weights and continuing to perform reps without rest.

This is a simple definition of a drop set and as you can see they hurt. The drop set is truly a perfect way to take your bicep to their peak. They burn and they really force you to go past your limitations plus their growth potential is substantial.

You can use drop sets to burst through plateau if you bicep is not growing anymore. Hitting them with solid drop sets for a while is sure to take them over the hump.

The key to a drop set though is choosing the right weight and dropping the right amount of weights. It's crucial. If you mess up wit the weight selection your set could be a bust. Initially you need to choose a weight that will allow you to fail at around the 10th rep. but instead of failing at the 10th rep you should stop at the 8th. Now you have to choose the weight to drop down two. You should aim for a 20 percent drop. So if you are lifting 10 kg you should drop to 8 kg. This will allow you to perform another 7 to 8 reps. Make sure you do not fail. Keep dropping till you cannot drop any more then fail on that set. This is sure to push your bicep to the peak

This is how your drop sets should be .you should focus on the right weight and you should focus on keep form and truly burning through your sets. It does hurt but bodybuilding is the only sport where pain is truly joy. So make sure to stick to it

Perform this routine twice a week for about 3 weeks. You can choose to do it more but 3 weeks is enough to take your bicep to the peak of their potential. Plus you don’t want to stick to one routine for to long as the body tends to get used to it and that the last thing you want your body to do if your aiming to grow. So try not to perform this for more than 3 weeks.

Make sure not to rest at all in between drop sets. After you have finished your "drop set" set rest 2 minutes. Also rest 2 to 3 minutes in between moves.

Barbell preacher curls 3 sets Drop set
Standing alternating dumbbell curls 3 sets Drop set
Inclined dumbbell curls 3 sets Drop set
Hammer curls 3 sets 10, 10, 10

Once again make sure to really work hard and stick to it. The program is not easy nor was it meant to be easy. You're trying to take your bicep to the peak of their potential and its going to take hard work to do so. So don’t give up and don’t think twice just work hard, stick to it and watch your biceps explode

Bicep peak

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