best bicep exercises

The 3 Best Bicep Exercises For Torching Your Biceps Into Growth

best bicep exercises

These 3 best bicep exercises are going to do nothing but help you with your goals for a bigger arm. Having a big and shapely bicep is every man's dream. And following these exercises will do nothing but that. Follow through with the program and you'll build shirt ripping biceps that show off by them selves

The chin up is one of the best bicep exercises when it comes to non curl movements. It is truly underestimated when it comes to bicep work. Of course different hand positions will affect your biceps either more or less. So to truly hit your biceps grip the bar with an overhand grip with your hands only 6 inches apart. This will truly attack your biceps. Be sure to raise your self up fast and lower your self slow this should burn your biceps really

Out of all bicep moves the standing barbell curl is the king of all bicep moves. Stand straight with your knees slightly bent. Grip the barbell with an underhand grip (meaning palms facing forward). Pick the barbell up and let it hang. Now tuck your elbows to your sides to eliminate extra movement. Now curl the weights all the way till they reach beneath your chin. Squeeze your biceps and return back down slowly. Make sure to be in control of the movement the whole time. Don’t swing around or attempt to use too much momentum in your curls. Controlling the movement will help put extra stress on your biceps

It is truly smart and a the best idea to choose one of the isolation bicep moves out of all the bicep exercises to add to your workout. Isolation moves do wonders for your arms. They add definition and truly shape up your biceps. The standing cable curl is a fantastic isolation move. Attach a grip handle to the bottom of a cable machine. Now stand erect with handle in one hand, and with elbows tucked to your sides curl the weights with wrists slightly facing the opposite of your body to insure full contraction. Hold for a second and repeat

Discovering the best bicep exercises

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