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The Three Steps To Building Your Biceps Into Full Fledge Guns



Building Biceps

If have already been bodybuilding and working out for about 4 to 5 months and you feel like your ready to truly develop full fledged guns then follow these easy steps to building your biceps.
The best way to build any thing is to have a plan. Everything that is done successfully in life is don’t with a plan. You can build a building if you don’t have a blue print. And so it is for bodybuilding. And so it is for biceps. If you do not follow a plan and if you do not have a plan how can you truly get ahead.

Step one
The best way to start building biceps is to have decent strength. Any one who has decent strength can truly get ahead in bodybuilding. So that should be your plan. If you don’t have decent strength then its time you build some. You don’t have to have unbelievable genetics to have super strength. You can build it if you put some effort into it.

Here is an example of a bicep strength routine
Standing barbell curl 5 sets 6, 6,6,4,4
Standing dumbbell curl 3 sets 4, 6, 6
Preacher curls 3 sets 6, 6, 6
Hammer curls 3 sets 6, 6, 6

This is a strong strength building biceps routine. Stick with this program for one month performing this routine twice a week. Make sure there is a minimum of 72 hours of rest in between workouts to insure rest. After this month you should have built ample bicep strength now its time to move on to the second step

Now that you have ample strength its time to build some mass. This is your bread and butter month because this is where you start building big biceps. This is the phase that gives you guns. Here the rep range gets higher; you should be please to know that after your strength phase your 8 rep maximum should have sky rocketed.

Standing dumbbell curls 4 sets 8, 8,8,10
EZ bar close grip curls 3 sets 10, 10, 10
Inclined dumbbell curls 3 sets 12, 12, 10
Revere curls 3 sets 15, 15, 15

Building your biceps really gets fun here. Perform this routine twice a week with at least 72 hours rest in between, make sure you use the right weights to hit the right rep range. Do this phase for 2 months if your performing more reps than you should then you need to go heavier. Stick with this program for 2 months. Work as hard as you can and you will see fantastic results. You will be building some serious biceps size in this two months. So work hard. Also make sure you only rest one minute and half before continuing your set and rest only 2 minutes in between moves

Step 3
This step in your quest for building biceps is where you "design" your biceps. This is where you make your biceps look good. Building big biceps is one thing, building great looking ones is another? And in this world you don’t just need big biceps you need good looking ones and this step is in charge of that

Standing Barbell curl 3 sets 12, 15, 15
Standing dumbbell curl 3 sets 20, 20, 20
Machine curls 4 sets 15,15,15,15
Preacher curls 3 sets 20, 15, 15
Hammer curls 2 sets drop set

Perform drop sets on this last move. Keep dropping till you clear the whole rack. Perform that twice

In this stage of your “building biceps” quest, you need to focus on movement. You need to focus on full range of motion. Make sure you contract and squeeze with every movement. Keep rests short. Rest only a minute in between each set and rest only a minute and a half in between moves. Perform this stage for two months then feel free to repeat if you wish.
So there you have it. Three steps for building solid biceps. Stick to them and follow them with all your might and in no time you will be building biceps worth gawking at

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