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Discover How To Be the best foot ball player possible…and discover

“The Secret Behind Choosing The Right Football Strength Training Program”

The secret behind choosing the right football Strength training program

Foot ball is one of most demanding sports out there .because a football player needs to be everything in that he needs to be explosive as well as have muscle endurance. A football player will also need to have muscle mass without losing speed in his game. His training has to be very powerful and swift as well as dynamic especially in the weight room
A good football Strength training program has to be able to build on all these aspects of the player

Now it is true that different positions in football require different training methods. For instance a running back won’t have the same training procedure or training program as the line backer.

In short football players need to be explosive and powerful. But what is power.
Power is strength plus speed and that is what football is .its the strength of the player mixed with his speed to dominate and play the exciting game of football.

Now normal football weight training is just not sufficient for football players because most only focus on building muscle mass. To be effective football Strength training workouts has to combine specific explosive training and muscle mass training. This would mean it would have to be designed for them so that it includes a mixture of
Nero muscular strength training and power training which is speeding up the brain signals you send to your body to perform sudden explosive movements

In short, the faster you send these signals the faster you can gather muscles to perform the movement on the field.
A good football Strength program will have the following components

Strength training which is to increase the overall strength in the footballer’s body

Endurance training which are exercises that improves the efficiency of oxygen use of the body .The better the body can use the oxygen the more endurance you have

Dynamic training which is the combination of polymetric and strength training together this develops maximum power in the body which is needed in the game of football

All these types of exercises are incorporated in a football weight training program simply because all these components are needed by a football player in order for him to perform at an optimal efficiency

Now it is normally known by coaches that football players should perform weight training exercises but that is wrong it is just not enough because lets say a football player lifts a certain weight. As he increases in weight his reps will probably go down so lets. For instance lets say he is lifting a heavy weight for one rep he can lift that weight slowly for a minute just for one rep now that will give you massive strength but that’s not all what a footballer wants .

He also needs explosiveness. All of these components are gone if you perform a normal football strength training program
A football player needs a combination of strength training, neuromuscular activation and education, endurance training and dynamic training all in one program.

His workout has to be the complete to leave him in the best physical condition possible. So in summary be sure to use a specific weight training program that targets strength, power and functional strength. The one I know off is the FastMuscles program. It is perfect for the foot ball player as it develops acute strength without sacrificing performance and speed

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Football Strength Training

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